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What is Low e / argon?

Low E – stands for low emissivity. Emissivity measures how much radiant heat is transferred through glass. Low E is a metallic coating on the inside glass pane of a sealed unit. This coating will help to reflect Radiant heat back into your home (helps lower heating bills in the winter) and it will keep external sources of radiant heat outside (helps reduce cooling costs in the summer). The low E coating will also filter out approximately 50 percent of the UV and other harmful rays which will reduce fading of carpets and window coverings. For more information on Low E, check out our Option tab and click on glass.

Argon – is an insulating gas. Argon has greater insulating properties than air as well as being odourless and non-toxic. To find out more about Low E / Argon check out this informative article at . 

What is thermal edge spacer? 

Thermal edge spacer or warm edge spacer refers to the edge around the glass. A sealed unit is comprised of two pieces of glass joined at the edges with some form of spacer and sealed to keep moisture and air out. Traditionally the spacer material between the two panes of glass was made of aluminium. This material has a high thermal transfer, therefore bringing the cold in at the edges of the glass. The newer warm edge spacer bars are made of low conductivity materials. There are many different types and brands of warm edges spacer and they will vary in their effectiveness. The most important thing is to make sure you have warm edge spacer because it will increase the overall energy rating of the window and reduce condensation on the inside of the window. For more information on warm edge spacers check out

How do I decide what style of window to put in my house? 

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a style of window for your home. If you are building a new home you can usually make changes to the house design to accommodate any style or arrangement of window. When renovating, however, you will want to begin by considering the size of the existing windows, the style of the home and possibly even the style of windows on the rest of the street. The existing window sizes will often have great influence on what type of window will work.

Check out our "What's right for you" tab under TIPS for more suggestions on the window best suited for you. 

What colours are available? 

All of our window & door lines are available in Solid White & Solid Beige (Kaycan Matchcoat Sandalwood) as extruded colours (not painted). We also now provide painting of all products in a vast array of colours. FCI also can match custom colours to suit any colour scheme. We now offer our "Double Nature" line on all of our products. Applied to the interior, exterior or both, "Double Nature" stained finishes offer the wood and feel of wood with the energy efficiency of vinyl

Our colour chart can be viewed under the OPTIONS tab on the main page

There are up charges associated with the coloured products. Please contact our office for more information (1-800-461-4555)

What makes FCI's windows special?

There are a number of characteristics which distinguish FCI from the competition.

#1 our windows and Garden Doors are locally manufactured. Our customers support the local and Canadian economy alike.

#2 buying factory direct. Our customers meet with the people who build the windows and know the products.

#3 No high pressure sales. We believe that people need to make informed decisions and we do our best to educate our customers and let them decide what is right for them.

#4 Peace of Mind Warranty. FCI Windows provides one of the best warranties in the business and we place high value on satisfied customers. The fact that we are local allows us to offer a service level unmatched in the industry.  

Will FCI deliver my windows? How much does that cost? 

Yes. FCI will be happy to deliver your windows and doors. On larger orders we offer free delivery within 100km of either of our locations. On smaller orders or greater distances we will charge for delivery. Please contact our office to for more information.


If I order windows from FCI, who will install them? 

FCI does not sub-contract installations!
At FCI windows we have a great team of Installers. We do not sub-contract any of our installations as many retailers do. When you order an FCI Window you can be sure that from start to finish all of the work will be done by our qualified staff.

Why is this important?
Many companies find it easier to hire installers on a per contract basis. This allows them to offer installation services without the overhead of tools, vehicles and year-round employment expenses. There are a number of negative results that accompany sub-contracting.
If something goes wrong who is responsible?
Inconsistent quality of work
Installers come and go based on work volume
Lack of product knowledge because they are often installing many brands of windows  

Can windows be installed any time of year? 

Yes. Windows can be installed year round. Our employees continue to work throughout the winter months (extreme weather days excluded). Windows are typically installed one at a time so any given window may only be out for 10 to 15 minutes. The new window is placed in the opening and insulated immediately. January and February are typically the slowest months of the year within the window business. We offer discounted rates during these months to keep our employees busy. If you would like to take advantage of our winter discounts on installed products, please contact our office.


What is an insert installation? 

There are four categories of window installation.

  • Insert
  • Frame Out
  • Frame out to lining(Jamb)
  • Brick to Brick

Insert installation – this means that the original or existing window frame stays inside the wall. The new windows are placed or inserted inside the original window frame.

Frame out – means the original or existing window frame is removed entirely. This type of installation often requires new casing or trim around the window opening. The exterior finish is completed with aluminium capping.

Frame out to Lining (Jamb) – means that the old window is removed entirely, but the jamb and the trim are left in place. This type of installation is possible if the jamb is not permanently attached to the old window and the trim is in good condition.

Brick to Brick – refers to the old window frame being completely removed back to the rough opening. The new windows are installed complete with a brickmold that slides inside the brick opening. New jambs and casing are usually required on the interior. The exterior is finished by caulking the brickmold to the brick.

It is very important that you understand what type of installation you are being quoted and how the finished product will look. If you are not sure ... ASK!  

Is it possible to enlarge an existing window? 

Yes – it is possible to enlarge an existing opening. FCI windows can cut brick or siding and enlarge your window opening. There are many variables involved in this type of installation. Please contact FCI for a free in-home estimate.


Check out our before and after pictures located on the Gallery tab for some great examples of new openings.

Does FCI offer a financing plan for window installations? 

Yes – we do offer a variety of payment plans. To find out more information please visit our payment page.

Will FCI measure my windows for me? 

Typically, we will only measure windows if we are installing them. We strongly recommend: "The person installing your windows should determine the size and type of installation." We are always happy to offer suggestions and information that will help you with your renovation project.

See our Downloads section under the Tips tab for detailed installation information.  

Is there a warranty on my windows if I install them myself? 

Yes – our same great warranty applies to all of our products. We cannot warranty installation of the window or any problems related to improper installation (unless installed by FCI). We highly recommend professional installation as the performance of your windows will be greatly affected by the quality of the installation.